This program for class 5 exposes the students to the world of video and production. It provides a close-to real time environment, where the students’ crews work on different aspects of film-making and produce their own video outputs. The students get to walk through pre-production, shooting, casting, lighting and editing. They are also taught to work on music and audio files, before screening their movie for friends and family in a year-end film festival.

Course Highlights

Through this exciting program, students acquire a practical experience in movie making. Starting from coining the core idea and story development, they learn the Pre-Production, Production and Post- Production processes involved in creating their own movie.

  • Introduction to videography and cameras
  • Handling lighting and camera angle techniques
  • Hands-on shooting experience
  • Music and sound recording
  • Editing of Video and Audio

Learning Outcomes

This program intends to develop an artistic discipline in students, helping them to plan ahead and learn how to feed the intellectual curiosity. They get to take something that starts in their imagination and build it from the ground up to a structured output that they could see on screen.

  • Understanding of yet another effective form of visual communication
  • Potential to work with video capturing equipments and editing tools
  • Understanding towards creatively using natural ambience
  • Collaborative skills with improved communication
  • Courses - Videography
  • Courses - Videography
  • Courses - Videography
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...