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Lady Andal Higher Sec. School, Chennai

Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao School is a dynamic institution with a firm commitment to embrace the future equipped with all the career requirements of the millennium. Ensconced in a lush green campus, the atmosphere is rich with a multicultural mix of students providing an enviable ambiance of camaraderie in the campus.

The school is focused on inculcating the freedom of enquiry in each child facilitating the pursuit of knowledge. This will eventually allow the children to realise their strengths, and take pride in their commitment towards excelling in the field of their choice. The facilities of this socially and culturally active campus are extensive. It is a child's ideal home away from home.

St. George's College, Mussoorie

St. George's College (Mussoorie), is a premier boarding school in Mussoorie, in the state of Uttarakhand, India, affiliated to the ICSE council. The school, an all-boys residential and non-residential institution, spreading over 400 acres (1.6 km2) of land, was founded in 1853 by the Capuchin Fathers and entrusted to the Society of the Brothers of St. Patrick (Ireland) in 1894. It was opened in a cottage known as Manor House; the name by which the campus is still known. The school was founded in 1853 by the Capuchin Fathers who handed it over to the Society of the Reverend Brothers of St. Patrick (Ireland) in 1894 with Bro. Stapleton as its first principal.

BNM School, Bangalore

The BNM School is a cosmopolitian school in the full sense of the term without distinction of race, cast, creed or community. It is a coeducational day school. Each child is respected and helped as an individual and the dignity of labour and of learning is upheld in every field . The virtues are the means of expressing the real human being and so these are inculcated with faith in their power to bring each one to his or her highest potential. Morality and ethics are taught as a way of life. The school has made a lot of progress in all fields and produced excellent sports persons, Engineers, Doctors, Adminstrators etc; more than anything the school can assert with confidence and pride that it has produced well behaved, cultured and model citizens.

St. Patricks Academy, Kerala

St.Patrick's Academy, Angamaly is founded and run by The Congregation of the Brothers of St.Patrick, India and is registered as The Educational Society of the Brothers of St.Patrick Angamaly.

The Society reserves the right to close down or dispose of, in whole or in part ,any of the institutions or activities, whether educational or charitable, as the Governing Body of the Society may deem fit and no claim can be made on the society for such actions.

Mahatma Global Gateway School, Madurai

Mahatma Global Gateway School is a part of E.RM.E Educational society of learning institutions that has been in the field of school education since 1983. The institution has gained 3 decades of experience growing along with children in educating and guiding them to excellence. The school is rooted in our cultural practices and opens the doors to international networking to appreciate world culture and to foster global learning.

Mahatma Global Gateway integrates with Cambridge International Examinations to provide a global platform for the students. The curriculum is a perfect blend of Montessori and Gandhian philosophies tuned to the ever-changing demands of the 21st century learning environment. The core team at Mahatma Global Gateway ensures students an individualistic learning experience to make them a leader taking responsibilities of their own life.

SMB School, Dindigul

This prestigious institution came into being in June 1980. With the blessings of the almighty this school has celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 2005 – 2006 in a grand manner. The school was recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu in July 1991 and subsequently affiliated to the Board of Matriculation from 1993. When it turns every leaf from the annals of this distinguished establishment one could find that it has succumbed exclusively for the students’ entrepreneurship. The school grows every year and it has seen over 3 decades rolling past with outstanding results ever since the higher secondary took shape. The school takes its inspiration from the words of our Mahatma …..

"The future of the nation lies in the perfection of a school".

Montfort School, Trichy

Montfort School, Kattur, Trichy is managed by the Christian Religious Congregation of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, known for their unique service in the field of education mission around the globe. Montfort school was established in the year 2006 and now has seen unprecedented growth nurturing more than 4000 students from all walks of life. Following the CBSE syllabus, the school dedicates itself to the holistic development of a human. It is not an exaggeration to call it the real TEMPLE OF LEARNING.

St. Michael's Academy, Chennai

St. Michael's Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary school was founded in the year 1953 and is conducted by the Patrician Brothers who have well known schools in India and abroad. Fifty years ago, a nursery was started in a corner of the sprawling grounds of St. Patrick's High School, Adyar, Growing in popularity the number of students at St. Michael's Junior School increased step by step over the years. It was known as St. Michael's Junior School till 1974. In the following year it was upgraded to a full-fledged co-educational school affiliated to the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. Boards. As State Board Examinations were found to be more desirable, the school is now affiliated to the Tamilnadu Matriculation Board and the Tamilnadu State Board for the Higher Secondary Examination. From 1984 onwards the school came to be known as St. Michael's Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Jain Vidyalaya, Madurai

Jain Vidyalaya is a CBSE school started in the year 2015 at Thiruppalai, Madurai. The school is managed by Gujarati Seva Samaj Educational Trust, a Service Project promoted by Gujarati Seva Samaj, Madurai. The co-educational school focuses on bench marking its standards with the world class education. Jain Vidyalaya's key quality objective is to conform to stakeholder requirements, the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, and to seek continual quality system improvement to ensure full stakeholder satisfaction at all times. The school sets measurable targets for its quality objectives that are reviewed and modified periodically, to measure performance thus ensuring continual improvement in educational services.

St. Joseph's Boys' Hr. Sec. School, Coonoor

St. Joseph's Boys' Hr. Sec. School is commonly known as St. Joseph's College. It is a residential-cum-day School located amidst beautiful surroundings on the crest of a hill 1800 metres above sea level. It was established in 1888 by the Brothers of St. Patrick (Patrician Brothers). The Principal and the senior staff were all Irishmen till the late nineteen sixties. The school is still run by the Patrician Brothers.

SSB International School, Bangalore

SSB International* School is an inclusive school where academic standards are kept high. It offers a holistic educational experience through various innovative teaching approaches, based on the fundamentals of conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. It always ensures that the children get a highly-engaging educational experience in a safe and nurturing environment. It works collaboratively with the parent community, as they embark on each step in their children’s academic journey. From Nursery onwards, it ably guides each student on his/her journey of discovery, exploration, inquiry and experimentation. It nurtures individual brilliance and competence not only for one’s self but with a social dimension, so that the students emerge as responsible and compassionate human beings.

Chellammal Vidyalaya, Trichy

Chellammal Vidyalaya (CBSE) (Sowdambikaa Group of schools) – the “New Age Tree of Knowledge” walks tall with a broad vision to spread the best of knowledge and wisdom among the 21st century young minds through innovative learning. Chellammal Vidyalaya (CBSE), a benchmark for quality education, born with all the hopes and aspirations of the new era, is an exclusive child-centric educational institution. It gives students all the inputs needed for effective learning and knowledge, and inspires them to perform their best to easily face various academic challenges across the globe with optimal conviction and collaborative skills.

Harsha International Public School, Nelamangala, Bangalore

Harsha International Public School is one of the esteemed institutions in the Garden city - Bangalore. It is located 24 kms away from Bangalore Central Railway Station. Trust believes in true service and brings out qualified professionals who are real strength of our Institution, Society and our Country.

Harsha International Public School was formed by a group of professionals in different fields to expose a noble cause of providing quality education.

Harsha International Public School nurtures and develops the potentialities in children and re-defines education to holistic education, where each child possess competencies like problem-solving creativity, involvement, sense of positive self esteem and confidence to succeed in a "Global Economy".

Kamala Niketan Montessori School, Trichy

Kamala Niketan began with the foundation of ‘TINY TOTS’ in 1991 , when it had a mere 30 students in its first batch. Now, it is one of the premier schools in Trichy. Education at KNMS is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. This enables the students to explore new realms of understanding. The school ethos includes elements that promote integration and appreciation. The aspects unique to KNMS are its academic excellence, technological efficiency, individual care and inculcation of independency of work. With a student strength of 2000 plus, our efforts are directed to accommodate and address the expectations of each student by way of enabling them to participate in Scholastic and Co Scholastic Activities. KNMS support the students to refine the necessary skills, attitudes and aptitude by way of continuous comprehensive evaluation and group interaction exercises. All these efforts are pursued assiduously to make students acquire essential leadership skills and to become lifelong learners.

Mahatma Residential School, Madurai

The school is located in an ideal environment, away from the din and bustle of the city life. Its big campus is well provided with educational, residential and recreational activities and guarantees a healthy and happy community life. Instead of the usual dormitory system, it has 5 hostel bungalows named Jwala, Akash, Appu, Maruth and Prithivi. Students from India and abroad study here because the school teaches them the precious values of sharing, caring and being accommodative. While the school keeps to the Indian tradition and culture, it also helps the students to be on par with international standards. The school has a good infrastructure and individual attention is ensured to the students. The motto of the school is 'World - One'

Alpha to Omega, Chennai

Alpha to Omega is an organisation founded in 1988 in Chennai. With over 25 years of experience, the school uses research-based techniques and instructional programmes to build and strengthen cognitive skills, and to help children learn critical content in schools. Through furthering the propensities of children with learning challenges, Alpha to Omega dispelled the widely-held belief that the intelligence of children with learning difficulties cannot be harnessed. Alpha to Omega is founded on the belief that there are no limits to what a child can achieve.

Shanthinikethana School, Bangalore

The emergence of Shanthinikethana School itself is of a great importance. The Kutadri Education Trust in the year 1991-1992 established the school with a divine background and with the sole intention to serve mankind. The vision, mission and motto of the school are to impart education that equips every individual to cope with the diverse needs of the society. The school provides a large number of opportunities for the students to express all their latent talents — be it academic, co-curricular or extracurricular. The infrastructure and other support facilities available on campus enable students to “explore, experiment and expand” in a way that will groom them as useful members of the society.