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Digital Photography

Designed by industry experts, this program has been specially crafted to not only teach students the basics of digital photography, but to train the students of class 4 to see the world with a creative eye.

In this fun, exciting and exploratory program, students get to play around with lighting, composition, exposure, shutter speeds and apertures to create amazing digital photographs. From here, students get to transfer their images to a computer and enhance them by using image-editing software to make their pictures truly stunning.

Students also get to create their own personal photo album upon completion of this program.

Course Highlights

This program gives the young children an opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of high-end equipments and gadgets, using which the students learn to take amazing photographs. They also get to edit photographs with an aesthetic point of view.

  • Camera handling, usage and shot composition
  • Understanding light and how to use light
  • Capturing different styles of photographs
  • Photo enhancement and image correction using Adobe Photoshop
  • Developing print-quality images

Learning Outcomes

The art of Digital Photography encourages children to view the environment in a communicative way. They get to discover important things, be it interesting, beautiful or informative, in their surrounding and learn to capture them in the best way to highlight their thought towards the subject.

  • Ability to keenly look at the surroundings and objects
  • Developed interest towards photography and editing
  • Ability to employ right techniques as per the requirement
  • Potential to handle technologically high-end equipments
  • Courses - Digital Photography
  • Courses - Digital Photography
  • Courses - Digital Photography
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