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Game Design

While the passion for games among many young minds is ready to take a whole new form, this program introduces the students of class 9 to the fundamentals of Game design, an extremely invigorating hobby and one of the hottest careers today. This program lets students apply their storytelling skills in an interactive form, making them the main character of the process.

The program introduces students to 2D & 3D prototyping, character movement & basic level creation, which helps in creating their own interactive board games by the end of the year.

Course Highlights

Game Designing is as much a display of cutting-edge technology as it is of creative expression. While conceptualizing a game through imagination and creativity is the first part of a game creation process, acting on those ideas using technology makes the students experience the tangible.

  • Introduction to gaming and genres
  • Critical analysis of games and game play
  • 2D and 3D prototyping
  • Basic 3D level designs

Learning Outcomes

As gaming is a proven successful educational tool, through gaming, children here are exposed to new worlds, characters and rules. They are encouraged to explore these worlds, solve problems and leverage the game’s rules to complete tasks and achieve success.

  • Knowledge of an exciting and fast-growing industry
  • Exposure towards technical expertise
  • Focused vision and developed creative thinking
  • Courses - Game Design
  • Courses - Game Design
  • Courses - Game Design
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