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Freehand & Digital Painting

The class 2 students taking up this program begin with freehand painting of basic shapes. They are further let in a guided environment to experiment with painting simple, yet colourful designs like landscapes, water, trees, animals and more, by employing different colour palettes.

This is followed by hands-on sessions that allow students to exercise their talents digitally. It also includes the usage of backgrounds, props and characters using a computer. Through this, the students get their first chance of creating professional work for the Media & Entertainment industry.

Course Highlights

Through Freehand and Digital Painting, budding artists are taken to the next level by exposing them to the advanced techniques in painting. The program allows students to colourfully express the world they see, in form of digital paintings.

  • Creating sketches
  • Understanding colours and mixing techniques
  • Using dry and oil pastel colours
  • Understanding depth, reflections and shading techniques

Learning Outcomes

Freehand Painting is used as an effective way to build fine motor skills. This program encourages children to freely move their hand, wrist and arm, rely on hand-eye coordination to create their own masterpiece painting on paper and on a digital canvas.

  • Developed motor skills
  • Ability to work with colours to create a stronger expression of creativity
  • Skills to observe real-life objects and surroundings
  • Ability to handle advanced techniques in drawing
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
  • Courses - Freehand & Digital Painting
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