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Fashion Illustration

The Fashion Illustration program takes the children of class 8 to a fascinating world of design: Fashion. The program introduces students to all the important facets of fashion designing, right from sketching a croque to creating fashion poses, garment designs and accessory designs. The students are also given an opportunity to work on pattern designs and textures.

By the end of this program, the students are sure to have a clear insight of the opportunities in the fashion industry and own a portfolio of their best fashion designs.

Course Highlights

The program provides an understanding of how fashion designing is a blend of design aesthetics and as well calls for other important design and comfort related decisions. The program also gives an opportunity for the students to walk the ramp with their own designs.

  • Fundamentals of design
  • Basics of fashion illustration
  • Draping
  • Pattern designing
  • Accessory designing

Learning Outcomes

This exciting program lets students study the fashion trends, sketch designs, select colours, fabrics and styles, and create prototypes. Fashion Illustration lets the young aspirants to be creative and artistic, giving an eye for detail, and provides a good understanding of colour, texture and fabric quality.

  • Understanding of design fundamentals with respect to fashion
  • Ability to employ design concepts in garments and accessories
  • Ability to work with different tools and materials to create exciting designs
  • Better collaborative skills and brainstorming abilities
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
  • Courses - Fashion Illustration
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