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Clay Sculpting & 3D

As an advanced, cutting-edge program for the class 7 students, it teaches the techniques involved in Clay Modeling, a highly creative style for animation. Creating clay models for animation calls for high attention to detail and better modeling skills, as the models need to have sharp details of expression, size, proportion, texture and colour.

Further, the students get to transfer their clay models created with high creativity to a digital environment and add the necessary effects, movements and sound, and finally render a 3D animated film.

Course Highlights

This program gives an advanced hands-on experience on animation, through Clay Modeling, which helps the students to develop a better perspective on 3D forms, character creation, texturing and detailing. The students also get to create their own digital characters and environment by using a 3D tool, add textures, manage lighting, animate characters and finally generate a rendered output.

  • Developing ideas and sketches in 3D
  • Using clay for building structures
  • Animating the creations
  • Application of textures, transparency, reflections, camera angles and sound effects

Learning Outcomes

Along with mentoring the children to create colourful 3D models, the program aids them in sensory development, motor skill development, and in building self esteem and self expression. Working in a 3D platform helps them to understand various forms and perspectives. They gain knowledge of planning methods and problem solving as they map out their three dimensional project.

  • Understanding of an exciting new way of creative expression
  • Ability to use tools and equipments for design
  • Developed perspective on shapes, characters and expressions
  • Developed patience and focus towards work
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
  • Courses - Clay Sculpting & 3D
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