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Acting & Cartoon Animation

The program on Acting for the students of class 6 brings out the star personality in each child. It sets up an energetic environment, where the children are allowed to let out their acting skills, with emphasis on emotion, physical action, characterization and storytelling.

The students’ acting skills are further allowed to be deployed digitally by guiding them to work on their own animated cartoon, by drawing, colouring and enhancing the drawings on the computer.

Course Highlights

The program gives the young minds a clear insight to the nuances of acting and builds up their storytelling skills. The students also get their hands-on experience in Stop Motion involving Claymation, Sand Animation, Cut Out Animation, Pixellation etc, which makes the program highly interesting and involving.

  • Cartoon character creation and storytelling
  • Storyboarding
  • Understanding dialogue delivery styles and techniques
  • Using Flash animation
  • Exploration of camera movements, lighting and sound effects

Learning Outcomes

Acting and Cartoon Animation has been proven to be a true way to get children engaged in building, demonstrating, and sharing ideas. Here the children get to widen their imagination, streamline the thoughts and present them in the best communicative way – visually and orally.

  • Developed self expression
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Well-built skills that are required for effective public speakers
  • Enhanced usage of gestures and spoken styles ensuring better communication
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
  • Courses - Acting & Cartoon Animation
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Get to Know More on Imageminds Creative Labs...